About Us

Gunnerman Books was established in 1978 as a mail order business specializing in vintage out of print sporting books by Larry and Carol Barnes. Gunnerman Books was named after one the Derrydale Press titles "Gunnerman" by Horatio Bigelow. The business continues today under the direction of Carol Barnes.


Gunnerman Press was founded in 1985 as a reprint business of classic sporting titles. Some of the books reprinted were four of the Havilah Babcock title: I Don't Want to Shoot an Elephant, Jaybirds Go to Hell on Friday, The Education of Pretty Boy, and the Best of Babcock as well as Gough Thomas's (G. T. Garwood), Gun Book, Francotte Gun Catalog, John Alden Knight's Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Books, S. T. Hammond, My Friend the Partridge, T. S. Van Dyke, The Still Hunter as well as other titles.